It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

19 Nov

Caleb’s car has been out of commission for awhile now, so we have been a one-car family for the past month or so. Unfortunately, my car (Charlie) didn’t start yesterday. Caleb and Clint spent a good part of the afternoon working on Charlie, trying to diagnose the problem. Finally, they think they figured out that the problem is with the starter. Supposedly that is a pretty complicated fix that was beyond their expertise. Luckily I married a man with AAA. We got Charlie towed to an auto shop for FREE! (Last time my car was towed, it cost me $120!) Now we are praying the mechanic can have it fixed in time for us to drive to Minnesota for Thanksgiving on Tuesday.

What does this have to do with Christmas? Well, we had originally planned on going out on a date tonight, but without the use of a car we were stuck on campus. We also had our first taste of South Dakota winter today, so of course I didn’t want to leave our apartment. So, instead of wasting the entire evening watching tv or a movie, I suggested we do something productive, like decorate for Christmas! I convinced Caleb that it is only a few days before Thanksgiving and it’s ok to decorate for Christmas after Thanksgiving, so we were really only a few days early.

He agreed, so we put on some Christmas music and pulled out all of our decorations from our closet. Being the planner that I am, I bought a bunch of decorations after Christmas last year when they were on sale – including a 6′ Christmas tree for $3 at Big Lots and a bunch of ornaments for under $5 at Target. We used Christmas lights to decorate for our wedding so we had lots of those as well. I also bought a star tree topper, but somehow it was lost in the move to our apartment when we got married.

We pulled out the tree and it looked pretty sad – sparse branches and lots of holes. I guess that’s what you get for $3! Caleb and I worked our magic and strategically hung our ornaments and the tree turned out very nice. We finished it off with a black curtain from my old dorm room as a tree skirt. Now all we need is presents!


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